Do you have a public education message for the state of Minnesota? The MBA's PEP program might be the right fit for you. Government agencies and non-profit organizations using NCSA/PEP are diverse in scope, but all need to reach a broad cross-section of Minnesotans in the most efficient and cost-effective way. For more information on how you can get started with PEP, please contact President/Executive Director, Wendy Paulson or PEP Administrators, James Reed and Rosanne Rybak

The MBA's Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement (NCSA) program, also known as the Public Education Partnership (PEP) program, provides an opportunity for non-profits and government agencies to distribute their public service messages.

MBA accepts a limited number of NCSA-PEP campaigns each year and distributes spots to all stations across Minnesota. Stations are asked to air the spots and provide affidavits. Our goal is to provide the sponsoring organization at least $4 for every $1 invested, but more often deliver an even higher return.

Station participation in NCSA-PEP campaigns is voluntary. Although stations do not receive direct compensation for airing these NCSA/PEP spots, the MBA invests the fees from the program in member services such as our state and federal legal hotlines, Ten Minute Trainer Network, and educational webinars and seminars throughout the year.

The MBA takes great care not to accept campaigns with budgets large enough to purchase advertising directly from stations. In some cases, sponsoring organizations have decided to buy commercial advertising directly from stations as a result of the success of their NCSA-PEP campaign.

Traffic instructions include a suggested minimum number of airings per month for each campaign. We realize that station inventory is very valuable and limited, and appreciate any contribution stations can make.

Affidavits must be submitted electronically to