Explore Minnesota Tourism

Campaign Dates: 8/3/20-9/13/20

Campaign Purpose
Inspires consumers and facilitates their travel to and within Minnesota

August-September Flight
As with previous flights, EMT has selected a group of stations to run ads June-August. If your station was not selected to run during this time period, please know you will be selected to participate in a future 2020 EMT cycle. For those stations selected to run, a buy sheet and broadcast scheduling instructions will be coming digitally.

Traffic Instructions
All Explore Minnesota Tourism radio spots are approved for web use and may be posted on station websites.Spot should be played at 100% (only one spot) and aired between 5am-8pm Monday-Sunday.




Radio Spots
There is a new :30 version Explore Minnesota Tourism spot available, “We've Got the Water.” This spot may be aired through 9/13/2020. Please tag the spot with, "Sponsored by Explore Minnesota Tourism. Aired by the Minnesota Broadcasters Association and this station."


Thank you for your support of this campaign. If you have any questions about this NCSA-PEP campaign, please contact the MBA's Tim Hyde at tim.hyde@minnesotabroadcasters.com or (612) 926-8123.