The Minnesota Broadcasters Association offers the Internship Program to its member stations. The internship program is an important step in obtaining a job in local radio and television broadcasting. The program is funded by the Minnesota Broadcasters Association. The program is run thorough MBA’s member stations and runs throughout the year. Those interested in an internship should contact the stations directly.

The Minnesota Broadcasters Association is thrilled to announce the internship program that kicks off in 2024: The MBA Internship Reimbursement Program!

Below are the basics of how the MBA Internship Program works:


  1. Participating Member stations in good standing who participate in the MBA's NCSA/PEP Program throughout the year, provide students an opportunity to witness and experience "first hand" the operational procedures of a radio or television station.
  2. Member stations actively recruit and hire interns that are interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting.
  3. Member stations select the intern and pay the intern the relevant minimum wage.
  4. Once the internship has concluded, the MBA will reimburse the relevant minimum wage to the member station.

    1. Stations participating in the program are eligible to be reimbursed for training up to a maximum of 180 hours.

For more information, please download all the requirements, guidelines and forms below.