Multimedia Journalist

KTTC-TV in Rochester, MN is seeking a Multimedia Journalist.

Are you looking to start your career as a journalist? KTTC is looking for people who are curious about the world around them, eager to share facts learned while researching stories and excited to come to work each day knowing they will make an impact.

KTTC is the leading NBC affiliate, serving Rochester, Austin, and Mason City as the #1 station for news, information, and entertainment programming. KTTC strives for leadership in our industry and in our community, and does this by keeping viewers safe and informed, supporting non-profits and organizations that serve the community, and helping our local businesses grow.

All employees accept personal responsibility for maintaining the professional culture at KTTC. The KTTC leadership team believes in workplaces “Free of discrimination, harassment, and incivility – and filled with opportunity, especially for those who’ve been traditionally denied it,” (a definition adopted by the work and training put forth by the Power Shift Project).

A typical day for an MMJ at KTTC starts with an editorial meeting. Here, stories are discussed, and ideas shared that help determine what our lead story will be. MMJs pitch content through Microsoft Teams the day before and come ready to turn stories, having made calls and prearranged interviews in case their pitch is given the greenlight.

After the editorial, MMJs get to work, confirming interviews, researching facts and background information, and getting out the door to get fresh video. Time management is a critical skill for MMJs, as they are responsible for shooting their own video and interviews, writing and editing their stories for broadcast, and posting their stories to the station website and social media platforms.

The day ends with an MMJ making their story pitch for the next day, having already made calls and researched the topic ahead of time.

Our newsroom is young and energetic lead by anchors with decades of experience, eager to share their insights with new journalists. We believe feedback and growth should happen every day, not just during a quarterly or yearly review.

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KTTC-TV is an equal opportunity employer.