Air Control Technician

KSTP-TV in Minneapolis/St. Paul is seeking an Air Control Technician.


  • Basic knowledge and experience with all types of playout machines, switching (audio and video) equipment and satellite uplinking/downlinking.
  • Understands broadcast techniques and language and can demonstrate proficiency in use of equipment, techniques and language.
  • Strong communication skills-in person, in writing and over the phone. Ability to read, write and speak English well. 
  • Must be able to work different shifts and fill in for others if necessary.
  • Solid PC skills required to handle use of internet to deliver news material.
  • Must be flexible and able to deal with unexpected changes calmly.
  • Follows directions and instructions well yet offers solutions or ideas.
  • Strong team player. Works well with others.  Fosters a spirit of cooperation and helpfulness.
  • Familiarity with Twin Cities streets and highways.
  • Physical requirements
    • Must be able to work in areas and conditions that can be noisy, has many distractions, and confining.
    • Ability to communicate information and ideas in English both verbally and in writing so that others will understand.
    • Stands and sits for long periods of time.
    • Ability to hear and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words.
    • Ability to read and understand information and ideas presented in writing.
    • Ability to tell if something is wrong or to anticipate if something may go wrong.
    • Must be able to lift, carry and move with up to 20 lbs.
    • Must be able to think quickly and creatively.
    • Dexterity to operate all equipment including computer keys, automation control, satellite receivers, and other controls in work space.
    • Work under tight deadlines and in pressure situations.

Job Overview

This position is responsible for on-air accuracy of TV programs, commercials and quality of broadcast signal.

Job Responsibilities

  • Constantly monitor and maintain on air-accuracy of all programs and commercials of all television stations and other related transmitters.
    • Insure the timely and accurate switching of all audio and video signals switched through Master Control.
    • Correctly operates all technical equipment used in Master Control.
    • Communicate to maintenance/engineering staff any technical problems with equipment.
  • Responsible for the acquisition and distribution (A&D) of programs and commercials for air. Operate with proficiency all A&D equipment including, but not limited to, Flip Factory for timing. 
    • Tune and record satellite feeds for news and operations. Uplinks to satellites.
    • Operate routers, microwave and satellite receiving equipment. Tune in all live shots for newscasts via LiveU, microwave, and satellite receivers. 
    • Operate computers to receive FTP material from HBI properties as well as from the public as necessary.
    • Ingest and record programs and commercial content from DG Pathfire, Pitch Blue, EZ Spot, Extreme Reach, Local FTP, satellite and beta into the server. Time programs for air.
    • Operate with proficiency all video equipment.
    • Records air checks. Dubs air checks to DVD.
  • News Operations
    • Establish live shot from the field via LiveU, ENG, or SNG.
    • Assign IFB to talent and inform control room and news room of their location.
    • Uplink news stories to satellite.
    • Proficient knowledge of ENPS.
  • Prepare for unexpected changes and problems with network and local programming. Be ready to respond appropriately when necessary.
  • Share information with the next shift on technical difficulties or unresolved issues.
  • On a daily basis, maintain and complete with accuracy all logs and other records related to Master Control.
  • Work ahead to insure all necessary materials are available for current and next shift. Insure sufficient time so that they are corrected well before air time.
  • Edit playlists through conclusion of shift and at a minimum of eight hours into the next shift.
  • Serve as communication link between Assignment Desk, Producers and Field Crews, keeping everyone informed as to changes that occur in the show rundowns or problems encountered in the field.
  • Seek out ways to expand current skills and abilities; take initiative to learn new tasks, duties, technology and equipment. Offer ideas that would enhance or improve the way work is done. 
  • Works cooperatively and collaboratively with others. Foster a spirit of cooperation and helpfulness with co-workers in news, operations, traffic and promotions as well as management. Act in a professional manner while at work.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Ability to work other hours or alternate schedules as needed, as assigned with little or no notice. Alternate/additional work includes after regular hours, evenings and weekends. 

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KSTP-TV is an equal opportunity employer.