Hubbard Radio's KTMY-FM in Minneapolis/St. Paul is seeking a Producer.


  • One year of professional broadcast experience.
  • Ability to run the board flawlessly under pressure. Ability to work effectively in a high intensity, environment with on air talent.
  • Ability to write creative, entertaining and informative copy for commercial production and promos.
  • Multi-task with a variety of duties while running the show (may have to track down guests and/or talk to listeners while running the technical operation of the show).
  • Must be flexible and able to deal with unexpected show changes calmly. Able to make decisions and judgments quickly, often in a chaotic environment.
  • Follows directions well, especially over the phone.
  • Operating knowledge of ENCO system or similar digital radio automation systems.
  • Ability to work on short deadlines and in pressure situations.
  • Ability to make basic programming decisions based on emergency situations.

Job Overview

This person is responsible for producing and operating the board for a live show and syndicated programming.

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for overall content and flow of a live show.
  • Assist and collaborate with show host on preparations for show on daily basis and for future shows. Make sure all aspects of the talk show are complete before the show airs. Plan ahead and meet deadlines so show can run smoothly for all involved. Important details include booking guests as directed by show host, offering suggestions for guests, confirming guest appearances, daily postings to website on show content, understanding program log, assemble audio clips for daily promo updates and key information.
  • Notify proper people of any changes or special situations that may come up in a timely manner (i.e. breaking news, cancellations, and technical problems).
  • Ensure show runs smoothly while on air by following established timelines, handling caller requests, notifying talent of important information, keeping show host on time and on track, interacting with talent, callers and guests when appropriate, following program log, taking breaks, running the board flawlessly, handling changes, monitoring of equipment to ensure it is operating correctly.
  • Answer phone calls during airtime and screen calls. Make decisions as to which callers go on the air. Must be able to respond and work well in a crisis.
  • Be able to handle last minute and unexpected changes during regular work shift, during shows and at other times as necessary. Be able to communicate quickly and clearly to show host, guests and others as needed.
  • Ability to relate and communicate with a variety of people including talent, guests, callers, and other staff.
  • Assist with daily commercial production including voice-overs and copywriting as directed by Production Department. Ensures that all commercial production is completed as specified and on time.
  • Develop and write copy for station and show promos.
  • Working knowledge of radio systems to solve minor, routine problems as needed.
  • Assess emergency situations for the station, and make decisions on when to call Engineering, ENCO or Programming managers for additional support. When necessary, go on-air to report on life-threatening or emergency situations until further support arrives.
  • Understands and can articulate station and show's programming directions and philosophies.

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KTMY-FM is an equal opportunity employer.