Investigative Reporter

KMSP-TV in Eden Prairie, MN is seeking an Investigative Reporter.

Job Description

Raging curiosity.

Burning tenacity.

Data-driven wizardry.

Did we mention curiosity?

The Emmy-award winning FOX 9 Investigators of KMSP Minneapolis/St. Paul has an extremely rare opening for a market-leading Investigative producer.

We don’t bother with those “test the hotel sheets” tired stories. Our Investigative team digs deep, focuses local, never takes no for an answer and always brings the story home.

You’ll work with a dedicated four-person unit to generate and bring to life investigative stories that are impactful and meaningful. Our team doesn’t just dabble in sweeps stories. We are dedicated twelve months a year to Investigative journalism on all platforms, not just television.

Just some of the skills you’ll have:

  • Source and relationship building.
  • Data-based mining.
  • Fearless interviewing techniques that can pivot to empathy when needed.
  • Records laws knowledge base.
  • Unique, non-cliché writing skills.
  • Multi-tasking prowess.
  • And the ability to generate enterprise, impactful stories that are 100% documented and verified.

If you’ve gotten this far, you know the rest. Undercover shoots. Creating and sending data requests. You’ll have the power of the entire newsroom behind you plus a nationwide station group.

And wow, when you and your team break a ground-shaking investigation that changes laws, holds influencers accountable, comforts the afflicted…you’ll know you’re making a difference.

For more details and to apply, click here.

KMSP-TV is an equal opportunity employer.