District 3

Source: Office of the Minnesota Secretary State.

KMSP-TV and WFTC-TV Twin Cities (District 3) KMSP-TV and WFTC-TV produced and broadcasted Shine on MN and Shine on MN: The Replay, an event featuring local musicians to benefit Minnesota nonprofits during the COVID-19 crisis. The broadcast events raised $160,000 in funds for all local nonprofits to help Minnesotans impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. All proceeds were donated to Second Harvest Heartland to support efforts to provide food security for Minnesotans in need; Springboard for the Arts to support Minnesota artists during the pandemic; and MN Central Kitchen to help the restaurant industry tackle hunger and layoffs brought on by the pandemic.

KTNF-AM JR Broadcasting Eden Prairie (District 3) KTNF-AM partnered with the local business community and ran no-charge ads and PSAs on how to support local businesses. KTNF also conducted interviews with owners of local businesses to bring awareness to how the pandemic is affecting their business and how they could be supported.