COVID-19 Almanac Special Coverage: Fridays, 8pm

MBA is partnering with Twin Cities Public Television, AMPERS, and other community-based media to distribute vital information to communities throughout the state. The 8pm Almanac Coronavirus Special broadcast is 26:40 and will continue to take place LIVE at 8:00-8:26:40pm each Friday and also as warranted. 

In anticipation of each Friday broadcast, MBA will share links to TPT's Almanac Coronavirus Special Coverage with MBA member stations. 

Below are the LIVE LINKS for the 3/27 broadcast should you wish to simulcast .  

Almanac Special @ 800 PM: Voice actor Linnea Mohn on expecting to give birth by weekend.  Producer Kate McDonald on her series dovetailing on pregnancy. Brian Ingram of Hope Breakfast on servicing community. Former TPT producer and now Good Morning American producer Adam Daniels on life/work in NYC with family here.  Mayo doctor on testing shortage and a few other bells and whistles. Main focus - living with COVID - how we're all dealing, and the human realities.

Some recommendations prior to SHOW TIME:

1-TEST YOUR CAPABILITY TO “see/hear” Live Stream by visiting:   (

2-Tech Tip: Broadcasters can take the audio output from your computer that is aimed at one of the livestream links offered below and feed that stream into the audio input of your board for broadcast.

Broadcast Night Links:  (NOTE: Beginning around 6:30-6:45pm, the livestream will display a slate (“Almanac Coming Up Next”) AND feed an audio tone/or music for level check. The links below give you access for BOTH broadcast/simulcast AND streaming the TPT Almanac (@7pm) and Almanac Special: Coronavirus (@8pm) programming:

Direct from

 For radio re-broadcast will be:

Direct from (web site)

Almanac is a full hour (time for legal ID at top of hour). For the 8pm Almanac Coronavirus Special the broadcast is 26:40.

Over the weekend, TPT NOW will be re-recording the Almanac Special: Coronavirus in Spanish, Hmong and Somali. You Tube links to the multi-lingual broadcast versions will be provided for re-broadcast, streaming or sharing. ALL COVID-19 content including Almanac Specials, video shorts, FAQ’s and social media banners may be viewed TPT website at (click on resources for multilingual COVID-19).

Please email if you are planning to air the program, along with your station call letters.


Coronavirus and Your Station:

  1. Supplies: You need to have adequate supplies of cleaning materials to keep your station as safe as possible for employees.
  2. Cross training/working from home: In case your employees are exposed, and need to be quarantined, you may want to evaluate who could help cover their workload while they are out, as well as having computers or other equipment to allow them to work from home.
  3. Employees: You may want to review with your corporation the leave policy in case someone is required to self quarantine at home, or has become infected with the virus. In addition, you may want to consider policies for employees who have school aged children in case their school is closed, and they will need to be able to take care of their children.

MBA has gathered a list of broadcaster resources related to COVID-19 to keep you up-to-date:


NAB Coronavirus Response Tool Kit: including PSAs, station operation resources, and editorial guidelines

Minnesota Department of Health – COVID-19

COVID-19 Be Ready Minnesota – MN.Gov

National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease

Office of the Governor of Minnesota – News

Minnesota Dept. of Education – COVID-19

State-by-state Coronavirus News

Multilingual resources provided by TPT:

P1 Learning-Preparing Companies for COVID-19:

For more information, and if you have any questions, please contact
Don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything MBA can do to help you fulfill your public service mission during this public health crisis.