The Minnesota Broadcasters Association (MBA) is a united voice that promotes and advocates for broadcasting by representing the radio and television industry and their related platforms.The MBA advocates on issues that are of importance and relevance to broadcasters throughout Minnesota. Key issues include:

Business Issues - The MBA supports policies that lessen the tax and regulatory burden on broadcasters and advocates for policies that enable its members to compete in an ever-changing business climate.

First Amendment Rights, Freedom of the Press and Protection for Journalists - The MBA advocates for and supports openness and transparency in government. The MBA supports access to government records and meetings will engage in any policy discussions affecting this access. The MBA also encourages efforts to ensure the safety of journalists while they cover news events.

Local Broadcasting - The MBA supports legislation that maintains the integrity of local broadcasting, allowing broadcasters to promote and serve their communities by providing vital information including news, alerts and entertainment. Additionally, the MBA advocates to guarantee fair access to local events, including high school sports and community events.

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