Alternative FCC Inspections (ABIP)

Sign up today for the FCC Alternative Inspection program (ABIP). Your voluntary participation in this program is the best insurance you can have against costly FCC violations. Stations that successfully pass are exempt from routine FCC inspections for 3 years (but not from FCC inspections that are part of a national enforcement effort or in response to a specific complaint about the station's operations). These inspections can also identify issues that could raise problems at license renewal time, which is coming up in 2020 for radio and 2021 for TV. ABIP Order Forms were emailed to members on October 31st and can be downloaded below.

If you have not yet done so, please return your station's order forms by February 28, 2020 to MBA via email: or fax (612) 926-9761. Experienced engineers will begin inspections as early as mid-March (weather permitting).




 MBA Member RateNon-Memeber RateEst. Time
AM non-directional or stand-a-lone FM$350$525Half-day
AM non-directional and co-located FM$650$975Full-day
AM with directional antenna$650$975Full-day
AM with directional antenna and co-located FM$975$1450Full-day
TV Station$650$975Full-day
FM Translators$350$525Full-day





Are there any discounts? Our priority is to provide valuable services at affordable costs (or free of charge when possible!) to our members. Our 2020 ABIP rates have stayed largely the same since 2017 with slight adjustments to account for per diem and mileage increases.

How does the pricing work? The cost of inspections is per station. For example, one AM non-directional or stand-a-lone FM is $350. Please see the above MBA member and non-member rate. It is important to note that established rates also factor in the considerable amount of work done prior to the inspector showing up, including reviewing the station's online public file.

Do I need to have my translator inspected? Translators and boosters inspections would likely be an avoidable expense to the operator. However, sometimes when stations are sold, the new owner may want to have any associated translators inspected to help insure rule compliance before completing the purchase.

How long will inspections take? Inspection times vary from a half-day to a full-day. For your scheduling purposes, please reference the above time estimator to factor in how much time your station's engineer or general manager will need to allot for during the inspection.









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